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Wyze Lock

Keep your deadbolt. Just add the brains.

Coming home just got easier.

  • Auto-unlock

    Wyze Lock knows when you get home and automatically unlocks as you approach your door.

  • Remote access

    Unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world at the tap of a button in the Wyze app.

  • Auto-lock

    Wyze Lock detects when your door is closed and automatically locks.

Door position detection
Wyze Lock will notify you if your door is left open and won’t auto-lock on an open door.
Keep your key
Fits onto your existing deadbolt so you can keep the keys you already have.
View lock history
Wyze Lock tells you when the door is open, who unlocked it, and how the door was unlocked.
Voice controlled
Works with Alexa. Wyze Lock can be controlled hands-free. (Google Assistant support coming soon)

Unlocks and locks automatically

Wyze Lock knows when you arrive home and automatically unlocks as you approach the door. Once inside, Wyze Lock detects when the door is closed and automatically locks behind you.

Simple sharing

Wyze Lock makes sharing access to your home simple and puts you in complete control. Easily grant or revoke access to your home through the Wyze app.

Wyze Lock Keypad

A weatherproof, wireless, backlit keypad that works seamlessly with Wyze Lock. Sold separately.

  • One-touch lock
  • Time-based guest codes
  • Secure code entry
  • Wire-free
  • LED backlight
  • Weatherproof IPX5 rated

Built with Lockin.
Built for Security.

When developing Wyze Lock, we knew we had to make something our users would feel confident putting on the door to their home. To do this, we designed Wyze Lock with the help of our partner LockIn, one of the largest producers of smart locks in the world.

Top notch security comes standard

AES 128-bit Encryption
Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit encryption also used by banks.
Hardware Encryption
Built into Wyze Lock. Put simply, the lock hardware helps the software stay secure.
Zigbee + Bluetooth
A home automation standard for efficient and secure wireless communication.
Two-Factor Authentication
Used within the Wyze app, so only those authorized are able to use Wyze Lock.

Wyze Lock installs in 15 minutes

Plug Wyze Lock Gateway into an outlet near your door and add it in the Wyze app.
Remove the two screws from your existing deadbolt.
Follow the easy, in-app guide to attach Wyze Lock to your door.
Connect Wyze Lock to the Wyze app.

Works with most single cylinder deadbolts.

We made Wyze Lock to work with most single cylinder deadbolts—deadbolts with a keyhole on only one side. Find out if your deadbolt works with Wyze Lock.



What happens if my WiFi goes out?

If your home WiFi goes out you won’t be able to remotely lock or unlock Wyze Lock, but you won’t be locked out! Wyze Lock uses Bluetooth when you’re near the door so you can always get in… even if your home’s WiFi or power are out.

How does Auto-Unlock work?

With Auto-Unlock your door automatically unlocks when you come home. This works by using your phone’s location to detect when you’re coming back and unlocking when your phone is close enough to connect to Wyze Lock via Bluetooth.

How does Wyze Lock know if the door is open or closed?

Wyze Lock has built-in technology that detects the position of the door. That means no extra sensors to setup, install, or look at.

How does Wyze Lock connect to the internet?

Wyze Lock comes with the Wyze Lock Gateway—a Zigbee hub that connects Wyze Lock to your 2.4GHz WiFi network. Simply plug the Wyze Lock Gateway into an outlet near your door, pair it with Wyze Lock, and you’re good to go.

What happens if the batteries die?

Wyze Lock will let you know when the batteries are running low, but if you forget to replace them there is backup power so you can still get in. And because Wyze Lock doesn’t change the exterior of your deadbolt, your keys will always work.

How does sharing work?

Share through the Wyze app to make sure everyone can get in. You can share Wyze Lock with up to 50 people and revoke access at any time.

What else can Wyze Lock do?

Wyze Lock has a built in alarm that will alert you if your door has been left open. You can toggle this on or off and adjust how long the door has to be open before triggering the alarm.