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Wyze Light Strip Pro

Customize your vibe with multi-color segment control

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16 customizable segments
16 Million Colors
RGB and tunable white
Music Mode
Sync lights to the beat of the music
Sun Match
Automatically adjusts color to match the time of day
Trimmable Design
Cut to fit any space

Multi-color segment control

Multiplayer, meet multi-color. Normal LED light strips can only show one color at a time. Ours displays up to 16 RGB colors at once and does advanced lighting effects so you can stack victory royales in the perfect ambiance.

Wyze Lightstrip Pro lined behind desk monitor and desk illuminating purple blue light
Close up of Wyze Lightstrip Pro hardware that allows advanced lighting effects

Segment Control

Wyze Strips Pro has a chip between every 3 LED lights which allows for multiple colors to display at the same time and advanced lighting effects.

Close up of Wyze Lightstrip Pro exterior coating

Protective Coating

A clear epoxy coating protects the advanced components and provides a refined, flexible appearance.

Close up of Wyze Lightstrip Pro being easily trimmable to suit any length needs

Trimmable Design

Designated cut areas allow precise customization to fit your space.

Music Mode makes a rave in every room

Sync your lights to the beat of your favorite tracks with Music Mode using Wyze Light Strip’s built-in microphone. Your dance videos (and dance parties) just got a serious glow-up.

Screenshot of Wyze Mobile app displaying music mode controls for Wyze Lightstrip Pro

Sun Match

Automatically sync the color temperature of your LED light strips to the natural light-cycle of the day, so you can wake, work, or wind down the way nature intended.

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Close up shot of Wyze Lightstrip Basic

Wyze Light Strip

  • One color per strip
  • Basic lighting effects
  • No epoxy coating
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Close up shot of Wyze Lightstrip Pro

Wyze Light Strip Pro

  • Up to 16 colors per strip
  • Advanced lighting effects
  • Protective epoxy coating
  • Plus all great features of Wyze Light Strip!
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Wyze Light Strip

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Wyze Light Strip Pro

Customize your vibe with multi-color segment control

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Display differences

One color per strip Up to 16 colors per strip
Lighting effects
Basic Advanced
No epoxy coating With protective epoxy coating
Music Mode
Yes, with built-in microphone Yes, with built-in microphone
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Sun Match
Yes Yes
Sleep Routines
Yes Yes
Yes Yes