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Wyze Handheld Vacuum

16,800Pa cleaning power from home to car

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Suction power
100,000 RPM
Brushless digital motor
Lightweight & cordless
Weighs only 19.8 oz
Washable HEPA Filter
95% filtration of allergens
30 minute cleaning time
USB Type-C charging

16,800 Pascals put the power of a tornado in the palm of your hand

100,000 RPM, 120 W A-Force brushless digital motor

Maintain peak suction power throughout the course of your cleaning without losing an ounce of power.

Outfitted with a new generation A-Force brushless digital motor, this vacuum can effortlessly reach 100,000 RPM without carbon brush loss.

100,000 RPM

Max rotating speed

120 W

Complete machine power

Powerful suction penetrates multiple layers for a deep clean

The ultra-high 16,800 Pa suction and 100,000 RPM brushless motor ensures this vacuum absorbs everything from fine dust mites to bread crumbs with ease.

Washable HEPA filter + stainless steel filter

Intercept large particles and allergens with the dual-filtration system. A washable 304-stainless steel prefilter screen blocks large particles like debris and hairs while a second layer HEPA 11 filter screen filtrates fine dust and allergens.

Attachments for cleaning every nook and cranny

(1) Flat nozzle, (1) Extension hose, (1) Brush tool, and (1) Crevice tool are included with the purchase.

30 minutes of cleaning on a single charge

Three 2,000 mAh (6,000 mAh) high-performance traction batteries provide a longer cleaning duration of up to 30 minutes using Persistent Mode. A Type-C port is used for charging allowing cell phone cables to charge the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum dust anytime and charge anywhere.

A special vacuum for cleaning up all of your pet’s messes

What's in the box

Flat nozzle

USB cable

Storage bag


Orders will come with the following attachments!

Brush tool

Attachment adapter

Crevice tool

Extension hose

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