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Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

30-day hassle-free returns.


Get up to 6 months of battery life or hardwire for continuous power.

Head-to-Toe +
Ultrawide Viewing

See everything with a 150°x150° view angle.

Chime Included

Hear your doorbell chime, chirp, or bark with 20 tunes and 8 sound levels.

Dual Band Wi-Fi

Get faster speeds and stronger connection with 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi.

Wire-Free. Screw-Free. Hassle-Free.

Effortlessly mount Wyze Video Doorbell Pro for front porch protection in under 30 seconds.

See the whole story - clearly.

A 1440x1440 fuller than HD sensor means you'll see it all with 33% more clarity than traditional HD cameras.

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Our Head-to-Toe Ultrawide View

Record More.
Recharge Less.

With up to 6 months of battery life, see Spring and Summer
pass before recharging for Fall and Winter.

* Optional Hardwiring

* IP65 Weatherproof

Know instantly what’s out there from anywhere.

Add Cam Plus to get even smarter notifications like Person and Package Detection.

Get faster speeds and stronger connections with Dual-Band, 5GHz Wi-Fi.

See every detail even at night with 6 night vision LEDs.

Respond to visitors in real-time with 2-way audio in the Wyze app. While you’re at it, unlock the door with Wyze Lock or spray intruders with Wyze Sprinkler Controller.

Sold separately

And we created ways for making your cam even smarter

  • Person Detection
  • Full-length motion recording
  • Vehicle, pet, and package detection
  • See everything that happens at your doorstep
Chime Included

Hear your doorbell ring, chirp, or bark.

Choose between 20 unique tunes and 8 sound levels to find the perfect chime for you, even scare off potential intruders with a dog bark.

Hear some of the different chime sounds

Wider view.
Higher resolution.
Extraordinary price.

See how we compare with leading brands.

See How We Compare

For more details, including our FAQ, see our Product Details section.