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Wyze Thermostat

Smart heating & cooling - simplified


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Control from the app
Manage your thermostat from anywhere with the Wyze app
Works with voice assistants
Adjust your thermostat with your voice using Alexa & Google
Simple, daily scheduling
Set daily schedules for waking up, sleeping, and more
Energy usage tracking
Receive energy saving tips based on usage history
20 minutes* DIY installation
Step-by-step guided installation in the Wyze app

Adjust your thermostat on the go...

No matter where you are in the world, you’re always just a few taps away from dialing in the perfect temperature.

  • Arrive home to the perfect temperature
  • Save energy
  • Keep pets comfortable
  • Prevent frozen plumbing

...or from the comfort of your couch

Works with voice assistants. When your morning coffee and blanket aren’t cutting it, adjust the thermostat with your voice by asking Alexa or Google.

Schedule your day with Wyze Thermostat

Simple, daily scheduling. Create schedules for every weekday and weekend so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to your thermostat.

6:59 AM

You’re moments away from starting the day.

Wake up to a warm welcome - your home has been heating for the last 15 minutes.

7:30 AM

You’ve completed your mad dash out the door.

Avoid warming an empty house - your home automatically turns heating off, saving you money on energy bills.

6:00 PM

You’re home after a long day of saving the world.

Arrive home to the perfect temperature - your house began warming up as you left work.

10:30 PM

You’re on the last chapter and ready for bed.

Enjoy the most comfortable sleep of your life - Your home cools down as you slip under the comforter.

Unscheduled moments?
Wyze Thermostat covers those, too.

Temporarily interrupt any schedule by opening the app and adjusting your temperature on the fly. Your schedule will resume upon its next start time.

Receive energy-saving tips based on usage history

We’ll do the thinking for you. Like an energy-saving gnome inside your phone, the Wyze app will recommend actionable insights based on your usage to help reduce wasted energy.

Zero learning curve temperature control

Easy control for guests and families. Adjusting the temperature is as straightforward and intuitive as walking to the wall and turning the dial.

Coming 2022 - Sold separately

3-in-1 remote temperature, humidity, & motion sensor

Coming 2021

Learning algorithms to automate your temperature

20 minutes* DIY installation anyone can do

Installing a new thermostat is easier than you might think. The Wyze app guides you through the installation process, step-by-step.

* Average installation time as tested by Wyze beta testers.

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home environment expert.

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