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Smarter. Simpler. Greener.

8-Zone WiFi sprinkler controller + 1 Year of Sprinkler Plus Weather Service

A green yard doesn’t have to be hard

Your yard is there for you to enjoy, not stress over. Wyze Sprinkler makes it easy to manage your irrigation system and automate it completely with Sprinkler Plus.

Weather-Based Watering*

Water when your plants are thirsty, not when it’s raining.

Simple Scheduling

Create fixed schedules to water your plants on specific days of the week.

Quick Control

Start and stop watering with a tap of the button within the Wyze app.

DIY Installation

Replace your existing controller in under 20 minutes.

*Requires Sprinkler Plus.

Smart from the start

Wyze Sprinkler lets you control your irrigation system from anywhere with the Wyze app. Quickly start or stop a watering, edit schedules on the fly, see past and upcoming watering events, and get notified when your system is running.

Easy Schedule Setup

Control when your zones are watered with fixed schedules and sunrise/sunset settings.

Customizable Zones

Set unique names and pictures for each zone to easily track your system.

Stay Notified

Turn on notifications to know when your system starts or stops watering.

Basic Controllers Wyze Sprinkler
Fixed Schedules
Compatible with Sensors
Easy App Control
Sunrise/Sunset Settings

Even smarter with Sprinkler Plus

Sprinkler Plus brings hyper-local weather data to Wyze Sprinkler, enabling a completely hands-free experience.

Weather-based smart schedules

Automatic watering

The advanced Smart Schedule algorithm uses hyper-local weather data to automatically decide when to water each zone. Be confident that your lawn and plants are always taken care of.

Smarter than your sensor

Rain and soil sensors only consider current weather conditions, so you might water your yard right before a thunderstorm. Wyze Sprinkler works with sensors, but also looks at past and upcoming weather conditions to determine when to water.

Additional features

Cycle-Soak: Avoid waste by watering in short cycles to prevent water runoff.

Zone-Specific Watering: Smart Schedules use 12 parameters of each zone to determine the ideal watering schedule.

Watering Restrictions: Limit watering to specific days to comply with local ordinances.

Dynamic weather skips

Fixed schedules let you water on specific days and times, but that doesn’t mean you give up all intelligent control. Sprinkler Plus can skip unnecessary scheduled waterings to save you water and protect your plants.

Rain Skip: Don’t pay for water when Mother Nature is giving it for free.

Wind Skip: Watering when it’s windy is inefficient as less water gets to your plants.

Saturation Skip: Avoid watering if the ground is already wet enough.

Low-Temperature Skip: Most plants don’t like being watered when it’s too cold.

Take control of your yard with the Wyze app

Quick Runs

Think your grass needs a bit more water? Simply tap the Quick Run button to start a short watering.

5-Day Forecast*

See the upcoming weather forecast and watering activities right from the app.

Know What’s Next

Click the calendar view to see more of your watering history and forecasts.

Advanced Insights*

See the historical, current, and future moisture level for each zone.

Now works with Wyze Cam!

Use your Wyze Cam* to set a zone image. View live video of your zone from anywhere at any time. * Wyze Cam sold separately.

*Requires Sprinkler Plus.

Brains, Beauty, and Buttons

Wyze Sprinkler has 4 control buttons on the hardware, making it simple to start or stop a watering right from the device.

Use the arrow buttons to select a zone and then tap the water droplet to start a 5-minute watering.

Works with master valves and pump relays.

Supports up to 8 zones.

Compatiblle with most normally closed rain and soil sensors.

DIY in record time

Wyze Sprinkler replaces your existing controller in less than 20 minutes and automatically creates a schedule for you after setup.


Save green, stay green with Sprinkler Plus

Experts estimate about 50% of water used for irrigation is wasted. Sprinkler Plus leverages a suite of smart weather-based features to keep your yard green more efficiently.

One year is included with purchase and then just $9.99/year.

Basic Features

always free with product

Sprinkler Plus


Quick Runs
Customizable Zone Details
Sunrise/Sunset Settings
Compatible w/ Soil & Rain Sensors
Fixed Schedules
Automatic Weather-Based Schedules
Intelligent Weather Skips
Zone Soil Moisture Details
Weather Forecast

Want to get deeper into the weeds?
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