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Wyze Robot Vacuum LIDAR

Room mapping. Path planning. Efficient cleaning.

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Room Mapping
7 sensor groups including Laser Distance Sensor (LIDAR)
Path Planning
Path calculation using 4-core Cortex-A7 processor
Efficient Cleaning
Straight-line movements with 2,100 Pa suction
Crosses over uneven surfaces to clean hardwood and carpets
Clean From Anywhere
Area selection, scheduling, and virtual walls in Wyze App

Lightning-Fast Room Mapping with LIDAR

The LIDAR sensor is a spinning laser on top of the vacuum. Every second, it spins around 6 times and measures the distance to 2,016 different points in the room to build a map. You can see, edit, and save the map in the Wyze app.

26 feet

Measuring range

2,016 samples per second

Sampling rate

6 rotations per second

Scanning frequency

A powerful brain to create an efficient, straight-line cleaning path

Using the map built by the LIDAR sensor, the vacuum divides the room into sections and moves around in the most efficient path possible.

4-core Cortex-A7


Mali 400


Path Planning

No Path Planning

7 Sensor Groups to See All Directions at Once

Wyze Robot Vacuum is loaded with tech that goes way beyond just LIDAR. 7 specialized sensor groups help the vacuum move around obstacles and detect stairs and walls. Click below to learn more about each sensor.

LIDAR sensor x 1

The LIDAR sensor casts thousands of scattered invisible laser points to scan and measure its surroundings. This generates a high-precision map which you can see, edit, and save in your Wyze app.

Induction sensor x 3

Induction sensors are used for locating the electrodes on the charging station like a homing beacon.

Speed sensor x 2

Speed sensors help calculate the device's location and path.

Cliff sensor x 4

Cliff sensors detect drops like steps and ledges allowing the vacuum to clean along the edges.

Collision sensor x 2

Collision sensors help the device recalibrate when it bumps into an obstacle below the LIDAR scan.

Gyroscope x 1

The gyroscope detects yaw, pitch, and roll to orient the device along a calculated path. The accelerometer catches sudden directional changes and feeds that info to the processor to prevent collisions.

Recharging sensor x 1

The recharging sensor helps with locating the charging station itself as the device approaches to recharge.

Connect to Alexa Order cleaning with one word

Don't want to move a finger? Try voice control. Connect to Alexa and tell the robot what to do.

A Robot Vacuum with All Wheel Drive

Wyze Robot Vacuum cleans all surfaces—hard flooring or soft carpet. It can cross heights up to 0.8 in (20mm) to clean across any bumps in the road.

Control and customize your cleaning from anywhere.

Everything you need, right in the Wyze app.

Knows Where To Call home

Wyze Robot Vacuum drives itself back to the charging station after it’s finished its path. Or if the battery gets low during cleaning, it returns for a charge before picking back up right where it left off.

Average Battery Time

110 Minutes Standard Mode

Meet Wyze Robot Vacuum

Vacuum Wars is the undisputed leader of vacuum reviews on YouTube. We didn't ask them to do this, but here's their in-depth review of the Wyze Robot Vacuum.

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