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Wyze Car

Shifting into fun.

⚡ Compatible with any Wyze Cam v2 (required, sold separately)

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Wave 1 starts shipping in November.
Wave 2 starts shipping in December.
Wave 3 starts shipping in January.

Connects to phone's WiFi

LED headlight

10,000 mAh battery pack

Mobile app remote control

Control Wyze Car from the safety of your HQ

We’ve enlisted our top engineers to discreetly hide Wyze Car’s remote directly in a classified app on your phone. With the app, you'll be able to live stream your mission through your phone while completing your mission objectives from a safe distance away from the action. It goes without saying, but we absolutely cannot have another cover blown like the Jimmy from Wyze incident last year when the joystick fell from his pocket during cocktail hour.

Never forget the 3 R’s taught in spy bootcamp


Capture, and save video of your mission for debriefing.


Critical information about your targets by getting up close and personal.


Wyze Car by navigating it home remotely with the app.

Get out of dodge when things get sticky

We can’t have our highly classified apparatus captured by the target. When at risk of discovery or when you've successfully completed your mission, bolt back to base. Eco mode lets you conserve battery life as you approach your target while Sports mode kicks it into high gear so you make it back to HQ quickly.


Conserve Battery

Sports Mode

Trade off battery for speed

Light up night missions with LED headlights

Parts of your mission will require clandestine operations at night. To safely navigate the dark and capture clear video, quickly activate and deactivate your headlights from the app. But be cautious! You need to remain undetected.

2 hours of nonstop action

Don’t worry about getting caught with low fuel during your escape. We’ve packed Wyze Car with a 10,000 mAh power bank that will keep you running all day.


Portable battery pack

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