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Wyze Band

Control your smart home from your wrist

  • Controls Wyze devices

  • Alexa built-in

  • Activity and heart rate tracking

  • High resolution, color screen

  • 5ATM water-resistance rating

  • Phone notifications and finder

A smart band should work with your smart stuff

Finally, an affordable device for your wrist that can do more than just track your steps. Wyze Band lets you control your Wyze devices. Turn on and change the temperature of Wyze Bulb or tell your Wyze Cams to stop recording motion when you get home. Now all your Wyze devices are even more useful.

  • Start the morning by turning on your bedroom lights
  • Tell your Wyze Cams you’re home and to stop sending notifications
  • Get some air flow in your home by turning on a fan with Wyze Plug
  • Control future Wyze devices as they become available

Alexa now sits on your wrist

Wyze Band comes with Alexa built-in, and no it’s not going to go off every time someone says, “Alexa.” Press and hold the home button and talk to Wyze Band. Control your Wyze devices, set timers, check the weather, or just while away the time in conversation with Alexa.

Packed with pixels for colorful clarity

This little device comes packed with pixels - 286 pixels per inch to be exact. Wyze Band has an AMOLED color screen, the same touchscreen used in your fancy smartphone. That means you get crisp colors and responsive touch commands packed into a screen the size of your thumb.


286 pixels
per inch

Oh, and Wyze Band
does all that other band stuff too.

Go get your 10,000 steps

Wyze Band tracks your steps, heart rate, and sleep through built-in motion and heart rate sensors. It also offers a run mode that logs your run time and distance traveled. So, all the features of a typical activity tracker plus smart home control? Yep.

See your notifications
or find your phone

Wyze Band connects to your phone and shows you who is calling or texting. It also lets you choose the most important app notifications you might want bothering your wrist. Plus, when your phone is buried in the couch cushions you can ping it to figure out where it’s hiding.

Set subtle alarms
just for you

Create and set subtle, yet effective vibration alarms for your wrist. Wake up without stirring a spouse or roommate, or remind yourself to stop at the store on the way home from work. It’s like tying a piece a string to your finger, but without the string …or the finger.

Wyze Band is wearable for dayzzzzz.
In fact, you hardly ever have to take it off.

5ATM Water Resistant
That’s a techie way of saying
you can swim with it on.
Learn More
Comfort band and clasp
Lightweight and comfortable.
You will hardly know it’s there.
Long-lasting battery life
Wyze Band lasts 10-14 days on a single charge with normal use.
Two different strap styles
Wyze Band comes with two straps for our Early Access backers - a single-pin and a traditional watch style strap.


Is Wyze Band water-resistant? Can I wear it in the shower or while swimming?

Wyze Band is 5ATM rated, which means it is tested to be water-proof when placed underwater up to 50 meters (164ft) for 10 minutes. Wyze Band is good for showering or swimming, but not recommended for diving or intensive water sports. See more info in our support article about Wyze Band water resistance.

How do I charge Wyze Band?

There is a USB charger included with your Wyze Band. To charge the band, please plug it into a standard USB port (5V, 1A), and use the clamp end of the Wyze Band charger to attach to your Wyze Band.

How do I set up my Wyze Band?

Download the Wyze App, click “Add a product”, select “Wyze Band” from the list and follow the setup instructions. More info here.

How does Wyze Band sync data?

Wyze Band connects with your phone over Bluetooth and syncs automatically when you tap on your Wyze Band from the device list in your Wyze app. If you are experiencing problems syncing data, check out this support article on how to sync your Wyze Band.

How do I check the data recorded by my Wyze Band?

In the Wyze Band page on Wyze App, scroll down to the Activity page, and click into it. All recorded data on the band will be synchronized there.

You could also check on the Activity page on the band for data of the day.

How does Alexa work with Wyze Band?

Wyze Band comes with Alexa built-in. To activate Alexa you must authorize Alexa after you set up your Wyze Band by going to the device settings page in Wyze App. Once activated, long-press the Wyze Band home button to activate Alexa.

Can I customize my Wyze Band clock screen?

Yes! You can customize your Wyze Band home screen inside of the Wyze app. You can choose from one of our designs or upload your own photo. For more details on how to customize your home screen, see the support article on Customizing your Wyze Band.

Wyze Band