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Wyze Floor Lamp

Smart Dimming Task Lamp

  • Preorder Price | Starts shipping late May 2021 | Paired with Bluetooth Remote Button
15 Individual Condenser Lenses
Bluetooth Remote for 11 Levels of Brightness Adjustment
23° Precise Directional Lighting
High Color Rendering (RA>90)

15 individual condenser lenses provide an even lighting experience

Traditional floor lamps often have light dispersion problems that make books harder to read, colors harder to identify, and strain the eyes. We've solved this problem using 15 groups of individual condenser lenses to confine light with a sharp 23° angle so you can have even lighting for whatever you're doing.

Fine-tune your brightness with Bluetooth remote and 11 levels of lighting

The more you use the lamp, the more it learns your preferences using AI Deep Learning. In just a few uses, Wyze Floor Lamp learns your desired settings and turns on to the brightness level you want.

Super focused 23° light shines for your dedicated work

15 groups of individual condenser lenses make this the first floor lamp with truly directional lighting. Directional lighting makes it possible to focus light exclusively on your work without disturbing others around you.

Unique 5’ 11” lamp stand with flexible neck lets you shine light in any direction

We designed a rare 5’ 11” lamp stand with a 2’ flexible neck so you can easily light up anywhere you want from sofas and recliners to workstations and ceilings.

Truer colors and finer details for drawing, crafting, and puzzles

Wyze Floor Lamp has an exceptionally high Color Rating Index (CRI) of 90+. When paired with the 23° light, a premium lighting experience is provided to bring out more vivid and truer colors.

*Center brightness can reach to 1400lx when the bulb is positioned at 4'7" from the surface or object.

Samsung 1400lx* LED chips produce bright, detailed, and even lighting

The center brightness can reach up to 1400lx International Grade A brightness level.

Regular Lighting Brightness: 400lx - 800lx

Wyze Floor Lamp 1400lx

*Center brightness can reach to 1400lx when the bulb is positioned at 4'7" from the surface or object.

So low-profile it gets cleaned by the Wyze Robot Vacuum

Weighs 5 lbs

0.5’’ Base

4000K daylight color temperature provides professional-grade lighting for portraits.

Take professional pictures or film incredible video with 90+ CRI and 4000K daylight color temperature paired with the concentrated beam of the lamp.

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