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Wyze Buds

Your body-rocking audio partner from home to gym.
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10.5mm audio driver for stronger bass

30 dB passive noise reduction

5 silicone tips for proper sizing

Up to 27 hours of total battery life

1,500 limited edition. Unlimited cool.

An exclusive drop you don't have to wait for. Our special Limited Edition Wyze Buds Electric Green are shipping now while supplies lasts.

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10.5mm audio drivers deliver bone-rocking bass from lace up to cool down.

Wyze Buds are engineered to deliver an intensified, bass-driven sound to help propel you toward your fitness goals.

30 dB passive noise reduction keeps the noise out and the music in.

A unique ear-gonomic fit provides up to 30 decibels of noise reduction so you hear more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Choose the perfect fit so you can keep moving.

5 silicone size options mean you’ll never have to settle for close-but-not-quite.

Limited Edition Electric Green
Wyze Midnight Black

27 hours of charge. Guaranteed to outlast almost any workout.

With up to 7 hours on a single charge plus 20 hours in the case, you get battery life so long your play button might get tired.

Keep moving with phone-free touch controls.

Keep the interruptions to a minimum with customized smart touch controls that don't skip a beat. Tap twice to play/pause. Tap three times to activate the voice assistant.

More smart features.

Wyze Buds Current page

  • 30 dB passive noise reduction
  • Up to 27 hrs of battery life
  • 4-microphone system

Wyze Buds Pro

  • 40 dB active noise cancellation
  • 6 microphone system
  • Wireless charging
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