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Wyze Scale Warnings and Instructions for Use

Effective: March 31, 2020


Follow these instructions to avoid the risk of personal injury, illness or death.


Medical device interaction warning - Prohibited Users:
  • The Wyze Scale calculates body composition using bioimpedance (passing a small electric current through your body). NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT if you have an implanted medical device (such as a pacemaker or other device). NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT in combination with electronic life support systems (such as artificial heart/lungs) or other portable electronic medical devices (such as an electrocardiograph). CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before using this product if you are pregnant or if you think you may be pregnant.
Consult Medical Expert:
  • The Wyze Scale is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. Consult your doctor to assess your health before starting any new exercise program. This is particularly important if you are overweight, pregnant, nursing, taking regular medications or have any existing medical or health conditions. The Wyze Scale does not determine whether you are physically or medically able to safely participate in diet or exercise routines.
Limitations on the Accuracy of the Wyze Scale:
  • Wyze Scale data is intended only as a reference. While we try to be as accurate as possible for your personal use, the Wyze Scale is not intended to match the accuracy of scientific measurement devices.
  • Accuracy may be affected by environmental conditions, skin conditions, device placement, and other end-user interactions. Age or certain medical conditions may cause inaccurate data. People who are under age 18, over age 65, pregnant, have osteoporosis, low bone density, edema, dehydration or use artificial dialysis may experience inaccurate readings.
  • NO WARRANTY. Wyze makes no endorsement, representation, or warranty of any kind about the accuracy of the data collected through the Wyze Scale.
Slip and fall hazard:
  • Do not stand on the edge of scale. Do not use on a tiled or wet floor. Make sure the anti-slip pads are present and securely in place. Do not use if any part of the Wyze Scale is broken or if any the anti-slip pads are missing.
  • Slippery when wet. Make sure the surface of the scale is clean and dry.
Other Safety:
  • Handle with care. Do not drop or jump on it. Misuse or abuse may break the electronic sensors, cause injury, or result in inaccurate measurements. If cracked or broken do not use.
  • Do not use near strong magnetic fields, such as microwave ovens.
  • Do not expose to a heat source, such as an open flame or direct sunlight.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries (e.g. lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries). Do not mix new with used batteries.
  • Not a toy. Keep the Wyze Scale and all its parts out of the reach of children.
  • Clean with a soft damp cloth; don’t use abrasive or solvent-based cleaners.
  • No serviceable parts. Do not open other than to replace batteries.
  • The Wyze Scale is not intended to undergo medical device sterilization.