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This item has been sourced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is one of our many efforts to help support our community during this time. Learn More


No-Touch Thermometer

Ships within 1-3 business days of ordering

Touch-free readings

Don’t worry about cleaning your thermometer between uses: no-touch thermometers can be used on multiple family members without the need for washing.

One-second results

Quickly take the temperature of everyone in your family with results that are delivered in seconds, not minutes.

Trusted accuracy

An ultra-sensitive infrared sensor measures IR energy emitted from the forehead and collects more than 100 data points per second. Distance and environmental sensors make necessary adjustments to give you accurate readings.

One-button easy

To take a temperature reading, hold the thermometer 1 inch from the center of the forehead and press the power button once. When the results are ready (1 second), the thermometer will quietly vibrate.

Read results in the dark

If you’re taking the temperature of children while they’re asleep, don’t worry about turning on the lights. A large backlit LED lights up the results.


Is this product made by Wyze?

No. This product is made by iHealth, a partner of Wyze.

Will Wyze support this product?

Yes. Wyze will offer its normal 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on this product. For more information on warranty and returns for the iHealth Thermometer, go here.

Will this measure temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Yes. For information on how to change the unit of measure, see the support article on this topic.

How accurate is the iHealth No-Touch Digital Infrared Thermometer?

This thermometer has a +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. No-touch infrared thermometers, in general, are less accurate than traditional touch thermometers. Often, inaccuracy is caused by incorrect use when measuring. Position, activity level, and even timing can be factors in getting accurate measurements.

Learn more about getting consistent measurements in our support article here.

You can learn more about the correct measurement range for this thermometer on iHealth’s website.

How do I use it?

1. Tap the thermometer measurement button once to turn it on.

2. Aim the thermometer probe at the center of the forehead from less than 1.18 in (3cm) away (do not make contact with the forehead).

3. Gently press and hold the measurement button to begin the test.

4. The thermometer will vibrate noiselessly once the reading is complete.

Can I use it to take my child's temperature?

Yes. iHealth PT3 is not harmful to children or adults.

What is the measuring position of the iHealth PT3 Thermometer?

The iHealth PT3 Thermometer is only designed to test temperature on the human body with the measurement being taken at the center of the forehead from less than 1.18 in (3cm) away. Anything else will result in inaccurate temperature measurements.

My measurements are inconsistent. What's going on?

I need more help with my thermometer. How do I get in touch?

We have a full support section for help with the iHealth PT3 Thermometer. Check it out here.

If you need general support or troubleshooting for your iHealth PT3 Thermometer, reach out to our team here: Wyze Support

You can also visit the iHealth support site for help articles, troubleshooting, and more at https://ihealthlabs.com/support/.