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Professional home security at a DIY price starting at $5/month

24/7 professional monitoring for houses & apartments

Meet Wyze Home Monitoring
  • No long-term contract
  • Try worry-free for 30 days
  • Starts shipping May 2021

Wyze is trusted by over 5 million customers

And we’ve partnered with professional monitoring providerNoonligyht infoto bring you the most affordable home security available.

Fast emergency dispatch

24/7 monitoring center routes to local 911 call center

Real people contact you in emergencies

Receive communication within 5 seconds* of an alarm

Easy DIY Installation

No screws, tools, or drilling required

Personalized for every sized home

Add sensors to protect every window, door, and corner.

We protect your home around the clock, even when you’re unavailable

1 Alarm is triggered

Receive a text within 5 seconds* of an alarm to verify the emergency.

2 Emergency is confirmed

If you don't respond, get called by a friendly dispatcher within 30 seconds.

3 Help is quickly dispatched

If you confirm or can't respond, first responders are sent to your home.

* Times based on Noonlight past performance.

Each second counts in an emergency and we use every single one

Lightning fast response times with fewer false alarms.

Serious hardware for a serious job

Our singular mission is protecting you, your family, and your possessions. So we’ve created a hardware lineup that can rise to that occasion. Learn more about each item by clicking them below.

All entry points monitored, for every sized home.

Personalized kits make sure your home is covered from front door to back patio and everything between. Regardless of the kit you choose, you still only pay $4.99/month for monitoring.

Need more sensors? Add at checkout.

Want an extra set of eyes on the bad guys?

Wyze Home Monitoring becomes even better when you connect our award winning $24 Wyze Cam (sold separately).

  • See what caused an alarm if you’re away
  • Collect video evidence to provide to police
  • Check-in on your home at a moment’s notice
  • Receive alerts when people are detected with Wyze A.I.


Meet the team on standby ready to help at a moment’s notice

Based in the U.S., professional security partner, Noonlight, supports Wyze customers with UL Listed professional monitoring centers.

This unique partnership enables us to provide exceptional service at a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market.

  • 2 million people protected
  • Five Diamond Certified
  • No long-term contract
  • Free core starter kit with annual plan
  • Try worry-free for 30 days

Wonder how we stack up against the competition?

Ready to get started?

First we made your home smart,
now we’re making it safe with Noonlight

Noonlight is a leader in professional monitoring and has already protected over 2 million people. Their professionally-trained monitoring center staff have emergency responders on standby ready to route vital information to 911 dispatchers to provide help at a moment’s notice.

Your friend that you can count on

Wyze Home Monitoring is powered by Noonlight, a TMA Five Diamond certified monitoring service that routes vital information to emergency responders when you need help most. Below are their median response times.

5Seconds after alarm*
A friendly dispatcher sends you a text and begins analyzing the alarm.
30Seconds after alarm*
If you're not able to respond to the text, the dispatcher calls your phone.
60Seconds after alarm*
If you confirm an emergency or are unable to respond, local emergency services are sent to your residence.

* Times are estimates based on past performance

Meet Your Core Starter Kit

Included with annual purchase of Wyze Home Monitoring ($49.99 value). More equipment available during checkout.

Wyze Sense Keypad
Arm and disarm your home at the touch of a button.
Wyze Sense Hub
Includes a siren to keep intruders at bay and connects sensors to professional monitoring center.
Wyze Contact Sensor (x2)
Entry sensors go on doors and windows to detect when they’re opened.
Wyze Motion Sensor
Motion sensors go in rooms to detect movement from large objects.
See how we compare*

Professionally-staffed monitoring center

Wyze Home Monitoring


Leading DIY System


Starting hardware cost**

Included Free**


(after 20% discount)*

Total cost in first year

(starting equipment only)



(after their included free month)*

* As of January 2021

** 5-piece system with a hub, keypad, entry sensors x2, and motion sensor

*** With purchase of annual service plan