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24/7 professional monitoring meets your smart home

Introducing Wyze Home Monitoring (1:33)

$4.99 per month + Core Starter Kit free when paid annually

Preorder Price | Ships February 2021 | Try Worry-Free for 30 Days

24/7 professional monitoring

Real people send police, ambulances, or fire trucks in an emergency.

See more with Wyze Cam

Complete Event video recording and AI video notifications.*

* Uses included Cam Plus license

Security-focused hardware

New hardware designed for reliability and security.

Here for you 24/7

Set your system to Home, Away, or Disarmed. When armed, if someone gets inside your home, we’ll sound the alarm and notify you right away. If you’ve got a Wyze Cam, we’ll even send you the video clip.

Off when you don’t need it. You still have a full-fledged smart home when not in use - record Events, get smart alerts from your Wyze Cams, and track sensor statuses all on your Home Monitoring dashboard.

Connected to real people and emergency responders

Wyze Home Monitoring is powered by NOONLIGHTand a TMA 5-Diamond certified monitoring company that routes vital information to 911 dispatchers when you need it most.


Receive a text to verify an alarm event.


Get called by a real person if you don’t respond.


Have emergency services or first responders sent if needed.

See for yourself with Wyze Cam

Integrated into Wyze Home Monitoring. Wyze Cams are your extra set of eyes. Place them anywhere you want to help you verify if an alarm event is a real emergency or just check in for added peace of mind.

Your own personal monitoring center
Stream multiple event videos or live camera feeds from inside the monitoring tab.
Smart AI detection
Get notified only when there is a person, an unrecognized face, a package, and more.*
Unlimited motion capture
Record the entire time there is motion and no cooldown between Event recording.*
Local backups on microSD
Add in optional microSD cards to your cams for continuous recording and local backups.

*Only on Cam Plus-enabled cams. 1 Cam Plus license is included with Wyze Home Monitoring.

Put Wyze Cams everywhere

You can put Wyze Cams everywhere instead of just in one room. They’re only $20.

Works with all your Wyze Cams:
  • Wyze Cam v2/v3
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor
  • Wyze Video Doorbell (Integration coming soon)
Wyze Home Monitoring
The other guys

Hardware designed with security in mind

We've designed new hardware with longer battery life, better range, and enhanced connectivity. Introducing the Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit, included free with annual purchase of Wyze Home Monitoring.

Wyze Contact Sensor (x2)

Wyze Sense Hub

Wyze Sense Keypad

Wyze Motion Sensor

More than just security

Wyze Home Monitoring will soon be able to help you protect your home from water and fire damage as well as make your life more convenient.

Wyze Leak Sensor

available 2021

Wyze Temperature Sensor

available 2021

Wyze Lock


coming soon

Wyze Thermostat


coming soon

An app to rule them all

All your sensor statuses and monitoring events in one place; your Wyze app.

Finally, a professional security system accessible to everyone

Easy DIY Installation
No wires, and setup takes just 30 minutes - from installation to activation.
No long-term contracts
Cancel anytime. We designed 
Wyze Home Monitoring to be straightforward.
Insurance discount
Get a certificate to send to your home insurance company for a discount on your policy.*

*Discount on home insurance policy is typically for those getting a home monitoring system for the first time. Offer and discount level may vary based on home insurance provider.

...and it’s way more affordable than the leading DIY sytem

Wyze Home Monitoring
Leading DIY System

24/7 professional monitoring



Starting hardware cost

(Five piece system with a hub, keypad, entry sensors x2, and motion sensor)

Included Free*


(after 20% discount)

Additional equipment cost

Wyze Pricing

Average 2x more than Wyze

Entry Sensor (3-pack)



Motion Sensor






Total cost in first year

(starting equipment only)



(after their included free month)

*With purchase of annual service plan

Wyze is famous for making great technology accessible to everyone

This might be our greatest accomplishment yet. Protecting the stuff you care about for only $4.99 a month.

Nobody else is even close.