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Early Access Program

Hello friends,

You sit at the heart of Wyze. We listen closely to your feedback, we strive to build the features and products that you want, and we seek to deliver more value to you.

This is why we launched the Early Access program.

Early Access is a launch pad for all of our new products, available only on wyze.com and the Wyze app. Through Early Access, you can pre-order and enjoy new products before they are publicly launched.

How does Early Access work?

Every new product will first be launched through Early Access on wyze.com and the Wyze app. Products will be available for a limited period of time and with limited quantities, so make sure to pre-order while supplies last!

How do I join?

Early Access is open to everyone! To receive updates on the next Early Access product launch, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

What are the benefits of joining the program ?

Get new products first
Be one of the first to receive and enjoy our latest products!
Be a part of a community
Join our exclusive Early Access community, where you will receive first-hand news from our team about future products.
Receive a special badge & more
Unlock a special badge in the Wyze app for every Early Access product that you back.